Monday, February 5, 2007

Was Reggie Ball Really That Bad? Duh (Part Deux)

Georgia Tech was 50th out of 66 BCS teams (5.62 yds/attempt). Pathetic. Compare to the 9 BCS teams:

Louisville - 9.03 yds/attempt (1st)
LSU - 8.08 yds/attempt (2nd)
Florida - 7.44 yds/attempt (8th)
Ohio State - 7.37 yds/attempt (10th)
Oklahoma - 7.20 yds/attempt (13th)
USC - 7.16 yds/attempt (14th)
Michigan - 6.70 yds/attempt (27th)
Wake Forest - 6.46 yds/attempt (32nd)
Notre Dame - 6.41 yds/attempt (33rd)

What does this tell us? Obviously, Notre Dame's explosive pass offense was overrated (surprise), Bobby Petrino should help Michael Vick, and GT needs to have 600 additional yards of passing offense next year if they want to contend. Does that seem likely without Calvin Johnson and only one wide receiver returning that did anything?

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Rusty Bucket said...

How are we going to do tomorrow?
One website had our class ranked 13th, ahead of UGA at 15th.

Ps. did you get the email blast that you can watch the signing day live on internet?