Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gator Bowl Notes

A few tidbits to come out of this game, which is now very relevant to next year because it now looks like a better than 50/50 chance that Taylor Bennett will be our starter next year.

Of the 61 offensive plays:
- 21 were out of a 2 TE sets
- 13 were out of 3 WR sets
- 19 were run of traditional FB/TE/2WR set
- 8 were with a third down back
- 1 4th down with a FB and 2 TE's

Offense stats:
Calvin Johnson 61/61
James Johnson 61/61
Tashard Choice 59/61
Mike Matthews 39/61
George Cooper 31/61
Mike Cox (FB) 26/61
Chris Dunlap 13/61
Rashaud Grant 8/61
Jamaal Evans 2/61

The interception by Bennett was the only pass thrown to Dunlap the entire game.

All 4 of #21's catches of 25 or more yards were out of a 2 TE set.

GT made 7 errors in 62 plays for a percentage of 11% (Friedgen rule). Five of those errors came in the last three possesions. The only problem was that WV made only 2 errors in 58 plays (4%). The defense forced far too few.

Two things stand out looking ahead to 2007. One is the lack of returning depth at WR. The other is who is going to play at TE? Our top two TE's have graduated and I would think that we would have to run a lot of 2 tight end sets no matter who the QB is.

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mack said...

Wouldnt worry about the te posiiton.All they were under Chan were blockers anyway.We will have trouble with SE etc.Hope we can find somebody who can catch.